Andrew Applepie
I'M BACK!! 2024-04-26
Picking Up Where I Left Off

"Like A Barrier" is a song about repeating patterns and I’m putting it onto an album with my 2022 tunes so I can get closure and start a new cycle of madness & music 😉

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'I'm So Bad' Music Video

Watch me being bad on and off a tandem 😁


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About Andrew

Berlin based songwriter, musician and music producer Andrew Applepie is heavily influenced by both, 00s indie music – as can be heard in his past as singer of the alternative indie pop band Cat Stash – and modern electronica.

In 2015, Applepie’s older brother gets himself an MPC 1000 turning then indie snob traditional instrument purist Andrew’s world upside down. He starts to discover the diversity of electronic music, creating songs with everything he gets his hands on and combining it with the production knowledge from his band endeavors. Using all kinds of instruments, ranging from familiar choices like guitar, drums and bass, to exotic contraptions he picked up while traveling, plus all the stuff you would find in a kitchen. His unique style moves effortlessly through the genres and transpires his charm, humor, curiosity, and lust for life, bringing an organic sound and very laid-back timing to whatever genre you would call this.


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"I'm So" 5 M plays, "Salted Caramel" 3.5 M (Spotify), "Drowning World" 4.6 M plays (YouTube)


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You can use my music in your videos, if they are personal non-commercial videos (Vlogs, How To's, Gaming Streams etc). You may also monetize your YT videos. Please credit me and link to some of my social media accounts.
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